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Empowering e-Business Excellence


Welcome to PeSS Group, where innovation meets success in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Founded in 2016, PeSS Group has evolved into a powerhouse conglomerate committed to empowering e-business excellence.

Vision for the Future:

Having surpassed the $1 million annual revenue mark in 2023, PeSS Group is charting a bold course toward unicorn status by 2029. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation fuels our pursuit of scalable growth, economic impact, and industry leadership. Join us on this exciting journey, as we continue to empower e-businesses, foster entrepreneurship, and shape the future of the e-commerce landscape. Together, let's create success stories that inspire and elevate.
Welcome to PeSS Group - where your e-business excellence begins



Our Journey

Originally known as Premium e-Commerce Support Services Ltd, we've evolved into PeSS Group, a symbol of innovation and success in the e-commerce landscape. Our portfolio boasts three thriving businesses: Outdoors & Billboards Ltd (trading as Outdoors.ng), Xpark 360 Ltd (trading as Xpark360), and PDMA Technologies Ltd (trading as PDMA)


Our Ventures

PeSS Group is more than just a name; it's a symbol of innovation and success in the e-commerce landscape. We've birthed three thriving businesses: Outdoors & Billboards Ltd (trading as Outdoors.ng), Xpark 360 Ltd (trading as Xpark360), and PDMA Technologies Ltd (trading as PDMA). These ventures r epresent our commitment to excellence and our ability to navigate the ever-evolving e-commerce terrain.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship goes beyond incubation; we hold a 30% stake in ArtisanOga Ltd (trading as ArtisanOga.com) and the Athletic Football Club of Lagos. Currently, we're incubating two exciting wholly-owned start-ups: Xpark-Sports and Moments.

At PeSS Group, we believe in the power of ideas and are dedicated to turning them into successful, thriving businesses.



Nurturing businesses and individuals, we equip them with the tools and resources to reach their full potential. We believe in sowing the seeds of empowerment for sustainable growth.

Join us as we live out these values daily, charting a course toward a future where innovation, collaboration, and empowerment create a legacy that lasts for generations to come.


Collaboration & Innovation

Our belief in the power of partnerships fuels our collaborative spirit. We recognize that extraordinary outcomes are achieved when minds come together

We thrive on embracing bold ideas and cutting-edge solutions, shaping the future of e-commerce and paving the way for industry evolution



PeSS Group's vision paints a vivid picture of a future where success knows no bounds. We are not just aiming for the stars; we're reaching for unicorn status by 2029. Our commitment to scalable growth is not just a strategy; it's a promise to continually push boundaries, explore uncharted territories, and redefine the limits of success in the e-commerce landscape. We envision a world where every venture under the PeSS Group umbrella contributes significantly to economic impact. Our vision is not confined to our success alone; it encompasses the growth and prosperity of the businesses we nurture and the communities we touch. Join us on this journey, and let's sculpt a future where possibilities are limitless.


Embark on a journey with us, from a simple idea to the thriving conglomerate we proudly stand as today. In the year 2016, Salvation Alibor and Michael Emelieze, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that knows no bounds, saw an opportunity in the e-commerce landscape. With a shared vision to nurture businesses into robust entities, Premium e-Commerce Support Services Ltd. was born. Our tale is not one of grandiose proclamations but of a quiet spark that ignited a transformation. From our modest beginnings, symbolized by a seedling breaking through cracked pavement in 2016, we planted the seeds of success that have grown into a flourishing ecosystem of ventures. From taking root and branching out in the years 2017-2019, establishing core businesses like Outdoors.ng, Xpark360, and PDMA, to a growth spurt and blossoming impact in the period 2020-2023, where ventures like ArtisanOga.com and Athletic Football Club of Lagos were incubated, we've strived for excellence. Achieving a $1 million annual revenue milestone and creating positive social impact became a testament to our commitment. As we set our sights on 2024 and beyond, envision a conglomerate reaching for the sun and beyond. Our unicorn ambition for 2029 stands tall, underlining our dedication to scalable growth and unwavering innovation. The image of a tree stretching towards a bright sun symbolizes our commitment to continuous upward growth and the limitless possibilities ahead.


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